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Steps to Access WP Travel Back-End Demo

  1. Provide your email in the email field below, check the ‘I’m not a robot’ checkbox, and click on the ‘Submit’ button.
  2. An email will be sent to your email address ASAP. Head to that email and click on the link within the email to initiate the process [ If you didn’t find the email in your inbox, please check the spam folder before resubmitting your request ]
  3. After clicking on the link you will be redirected to the dashboard for testing the plugin. You can create bookings, create itineraries and try the functionalities of all the plugins from within the dashboard.
  4. Once you log out, Please NOTE: all your dashboard testing data will be deleted. We do so to keep our testing atmosphere clean and ready to use for others to test.
  5. If you have any further queries regarding this feature, then please feel free to drop your queries in Forum and Incase: If you don’t find solutions, then please head out to our contact page and send us your inquiry.

To create your demo website provide the following data

An activation email will be sent to this email address. After the confirmation you will be redirected to WordPress Dashboard.

An activation email was sent to your email address. An error has occurred. Please notify the website Administrator.

We will be more than glad to help every one of you🙂

📗 Helpful Guide: Click here for documentation to learn more about configurations, modules, payments, shortcodes, and WP Travel Rest API.

Here’s the step-by-step tutorial guide on how to access the back end of WP Travel for testing:

You might be interested to view the front-end demo of WP Travel as well to test the new and exciting features.

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Frontend Demo

To check the beauty of WP Travel in the front end, click the link below. We have a collection of themes developed by different authors, so you can check them in the demo and see how it is displayed in the front to the end users you develop using the preferred theme. (Each theme is customizable to fit your needs.)

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